Noorullah Munir Called on Educators to Teach the Children of Future with Honesty, Soberity & Complete faith

PUL-E- AlAM (BNA) Noorullah Munir, Acting Minister of Education, in his visit to Logar province on Sunday stressed needs of education based on Islamic law of principle.

Munir assured that within the framework of Islamic law, better opportunities for teaching religious and contemporary sciences are provided to male and famele, and called on educators to educate honesty, sobriety, complete faith and a sense of responsibility for the children of our homeland.

Addressing a gathering meeting in Logar, Minister Munir said Islamic Emirate forces along side with its zealous nation of the country defeated the world great power and its alies, which once again Islamic law come to ruling in the country.

“Education is a need in every sector and the learning of modern sciences should not be devoid of the greatness of religious sciences and modern sciences should be based on the principles of the religion of Islam,”.he said.

The Minister pointed out that some of the existing challenges will be solved along the way of the education caravan.

He also announced the establishment of large schools in the provincial capital and small schools in the districts.

Mawlawi Inayatullah Shuja, the governor of Logar, said that acquiring religious and modern sciences is necessary and asked the educators strive educating the students and instruct the children of the homeland according to the Islamic belief.

The Education director of the privince called on the leadership of the Ministry of Education to cooperate in the shortage of school textbooks, the construction of school buildings, the lack of educators training, and the setting of salaries for private school educators.


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